You've always wanted to create an intimate Christmas atmosphere in a short amount of time. Well, now you can with Fairybell® Christmas lighting.

Outdoor Christmas trees small ones till very big ones that are durable and builded up within no time , that is truly unique, right?

With the worldwide patented Fairybell Christmas lighting this is now possible for everyone!

Fairybell can be described as fairytale Christmas lighting in Christmas tree form, made up of hundreds to thousands of LEDs .

Fairybell has several products series:

Fairybell (front) door Christmas trees:
Decorate your door with a gorgeous Christmas tree in a few minutes.

Fairybell Christmas trees for every garden:
Unique Christmas trees to place for every garden, everywhere and a natural great effect.

Fairybell flagpole Christmas trees:
Christmas trees for flagpoles, you hoist the tree as simple as a flag. Within 30 minutes you will have a Christmas tree of 6, 8 or 10 meters high with up to 2000 LEDs.

Patented, durable and high-end products

With the Fairybell patented systems you create in no time a supreme Christmas atmosphere that appeals to everyone's imagination. The Fairybell is available in different light variations and also in various heights from 1.4 meters to 10 meters.

No flagpole in your garden?
If you haven't got an existing flagpole then you should choose a Fairybell under 6 meters, because these models have their own pole and often a metal ground pin. If you really want a larger model? Then we have for the Fairybell 6 meter 720 and the Fairybell 6 meter 960 a dividable 6 meter high aluminum flagpole, this pole with ground tube Special to place itself, stack the different pole sections together and your solid flagpole stands wherever you want! (Can also be used for your flag)

Looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere outside, choose then for Fairybell Christmas lights. 

We provide ideal Christmas trees that are easy and quick to assemble and that's a brilliant idea, is it not?

For all US visitors: Our online webstore for the US is online: www.Fairybell.us


Fairybell 1D 210CM-120LED:

Fairybell 300CM-360LED:

Fairybell 600CM-960LED:

Fairybell LED variations, all our LED variations in 1 movie: