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Fairybell 1D-210CM-120LED

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Fairybell 1D-210CM-120LED

The Fairybell ® 1D-2, 1 meter door version-120LED features 120 LED lights, thanks to a clever distribution of lights it creates in the dark a great effect and you have a beautiful Christmas tree on your (front) door with as many as 120 lights! This effect is guaranteed thanks to the unique Fairybell ® 1D system.

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The Fairybell ® 1D-2, 1 meter 120LED-door version is a wonderful type of illuminated Christmas tree of 2.1 meters high for your (front) door. Thanks to the Fairybell 1D system you nearly can't see the tree at daylight and in the evening you have a beautiful illuminated Christmas tree with 120 brilliant LED lights on your (front) door. The Fairybell 1D-2, 1 meter 120LED-door version is packed in a handy box and can be easily and quickly built up by everyone.

Building the Fairybell 1D-2, 1 meter 120LED-door version takes about 5 to 10 minutes, then you're ready for the christmas season. A Fairybell Christmas tree is resistant against all weather resistant. After the Christmas season, the Christmas tree, you can easily store it in the original box, so you have many years of enjoyment!

The Fairy Bell ® 1D-2, 1 meter 120LED-door version is supplied with a universal adjustable strap, making it easy to install without damaging the door.

  • Amount of LED's
  • Diameter
  • Height

A unique system

  • Easy to set up
  • 10 different models
  • Small and strong packing
  • 2 Seasons full warranty
  • Energy saving LEDs
  • Multiply LED colors available
  • Always Fairybell 24H service

Our clients about Fairybell

"Each year we're proud to built up our Fairybell flagpole christmas tree, this year we bought a new model. Our neighbours like our 2 Fairybell's!"