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Fairybell 420CM-640LED

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Fairybell 420CM-640LED

The Fairybell 420CM-640LED is the ultimate christmas tree for every garden.

The Fairybell illuminated Christmas tree is a wonderful kind of christmas tree from 420CM high for your garden. Thanks to the patented Fairybell system you have a beautiful Christmas tree with 640 LED lights.
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The Fairybell 420CM-640LED is quick to set up and wonderful illuminated Christmas tree for your garden! Building the Fairybell 420CM-640LED Christmas tree takes about 15 minutes. A Fairybell Christmas tree is resistant to all weather conditions. After the Christmas season, you can easily store the Christmas tree in the original box, so you have many years of pleasure!

The eight frost-resistant strands of LED lights are connected to a special weather-resistant 24 volt transformer. The metal ground pin ensures the tree will stand upright on grass, in sand, or in between tiles. The tree has a fibre ring at the base to give the Christmas tree the right shape.

As you can see: Fairybell® has thought of everything!

 Doesn't everyone want Christmas trees that are easy to set up and quick to disassemble? Well, Fairybell® has them! 

The Fairybell® 420CM-640LED is just one of the many models from our range. Only this model, the Triple Tree versions and the 185CM-250LED and the 300CM-360LED come with a mast as standard. It's ready to trim right from the box and is easy to store.

  • Amount of LED's
  • Diameter
  • Height

A unique system

  • Easy to set up
  • 10 different models
  • Small and strong packing
  • 2 Seasons full warranty
  • Energy saving LEDs
  • Multiply LED colors available
  • Always Fairybell 24H service

Our clients about Fairybell

"Each year we're proud to built up our Fairybell flagpole christmas tree, this year we bought a new model. Our neighbours like our 2 Fairybell's!"