Door Christmas trees

Do you wantyour entrance hall to be full of Christmas spirit? Try the door Christmas treesfrom Fairybell.

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Ordinary Christmas trees

Create areal Christmas atmosphere in any garden. The Fairybell Christmas trees/litChristmas tree shapes are easy to place anywhere.

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Flagpole Christmas trees

Transform your flagpole into a Christmas tree full of lights with Fairybell.

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Fairybell christmas trees - All Models

Welcome to our Fairybell collection page, where you can find all Fairybell christmas trees!

You want in no time an imposing lighted Christmas tree in your garden or in front of your office? This is possible with the patented Christmas lighting Fairybell.

Our special Christmas trees consists of hundreds of lights that can easily hoisted up on a flagpole or with our models under 6 meters, you simply put the Fairybell in the place that you are want using the provided divisible fiberglass mast.

When it gets dark, a majestic illuminated christmas tree is visible. The tree gives a unique effect thanks to its unique patented guirlande pattern with many durable LED lights. During the day, just look through the Fairybell Christmas tree.

Depending on the model Christmas tree has you can choose from warm white LEDs, warm white LEDs with single white flash, white LEDs or white LEDs with controller.

Please take notice that all our products have 2 year warranty, we're really proud of this!